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EPS Sandwich Panel Machine


eps sandwich panel production line

eps sandwich panel line

Proudct: EPS Sandwich Panel Machine, EPS Sandwich Panel Line,EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

Machine Summary:

  • EPS sandwich plate compound production line can compound the corrugated compound plates for once. The whole line is composed of the roll forming, feeding system, molding system, cutting device, compounding system ( rib pressing, glue coating, heating, compounding, flanging, motching, trimming, pneumatic and automatic cutting ).
  • The whole process is computer-controlled. It is the necessary equipment for producing the faceplates and wallboards for industrial workshops and warehouses.
  • One production line can produce different types panels.

Main Technical Datas:

  • Total Power: about 30KW
  • Production Speed: 0-4.5m/min
  • Machine dimensions: 38000x2600x2800mm
  • Annual Output: about 600000m2
  • Panel Thickness: 50-200mm
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