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Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine


Product: Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine

Working Flow:

Decoiler - Leveling - Feeding - Punching - Feeding - Main Roll Forming - Cut To Length - Runout Table

Main Specification:

  • Material thickness: 2-4mm
  • Forming Station: 14
  • Working Speed: 0-12m/min
  • Leveling power: 2.2KW
  • Hydraulic power: 15KW
  • Machine weight: about 19 Ton
  • Decoiler: Hydraulic type decoiler
  • Weight capacity of uncoiler: 5 Ton
  • Punching: Hydraulic punching, before forming
  • Punching die material: Cr12
  • Principal axis diameter: 90mm
  • Roller Material: GCr15 steel with quenched treatment, HRC60-62
  • Drive type: Gimbal gearbox drive
  • Main motor power: 30KW, Transducer speed governor. ZQ450.
  • Machine drived by gear reducer, transmits to downside roller and shaft, then transmits to gearbox, using gimbals and gearbox driving other rollers by a driving gimbal.

 Video of Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine as follows


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