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Quick Interchangeable CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine


Quick Interchangeable CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine 

Main Technical Specifications:

  • Material: G.i Coil or Carbon steel
  • Material Thickness:1.5-3mm
  • Landscape orientation adjustment range of Hole distance : 45-500m
  • Length of purlin: >3m
  • Forming Stations: 17 Main rollers
  • Leveling Stations: 7
  • Feeding Stations: 2
  • Main Power: 15KW
  • Machine Diameter: about 12500mm(L)x2300mm(W)x1600mm (H) ( including main motor )
  • Weight of machine: about 15 Ton
  •  One machine can produce differenct C/Z Purlins throught simple manual stepless adjustment, when to produce different profiles, no need to change the forming rollers. In the process, machine adopt automactic control model, it can auto pumch, cut, forming based on inputting length of purlin, portrait hole distance, quantity, etc datas.
  • C/Z purlin roll former make up of decoiler, feeding, leveling, 2 sets hydraulic punching device, hydraulic cutting, speediness interchangeable forming machine, PLC control system, hydraulic stations, runout tables.
  • This line main forming drive adopt reducer motor and frequency conversion control, speed control…
  • It is quick and easy to operate the machine, and beautiful appearance, high production efficiency, forming speed up to 20m/min.

 Video of C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine :



c z purlin roll former

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