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Economical PU Sandwich Panel Forming Machine to Iran


Economical PU Sandwich Panel Forming Machine to Iran

This Ecomonical type pu sandwich panel machine is to continuous produce roof wall insulated panels, the panel is with face layers of foil paper & steel, middle is pu foam.

The panel length is no limited, you can set the length, quantity data, and PLC will automatic produce, cutting...

Main Specifications:

  • The production speed is different according to the panel thickness, normally 6-8m/min.  
  • Speed of forming machine is 0~15m/min and adjustable. The length and amount of production can be set and count automatically by control panel.
  • Hydraulic material discharge stand can feed steel sheets automatically and keep accuracy during long time operation.
  • Caterpillar conveyor contains upper/lower construction and double-sided seal block. The effective thickness can be up to 100mm so it can provide a large variety of roof panel products easily by changing the spec of the side blocks.
  • Band saw cutter : Maximum thickness is 100mm. The suction channel is reserved for additional suction system to prevent the dust pollution.
  • The characteristic of this continuous rubber belt sandwich line is ALL parts including forming machine, lamination, conveyor, cutter and auto stacking equipment are synchronized by a central Ratio Setter control system. The user can easily control the speed through the main speed controller (VR).

pu sandwich panel machine

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