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Greenhouse Plantation Gutter Machine Mobile Type


Mobile Greenhouse Plantation Gutter Machine, Greenhouse Gutter Machine


We are the first manufacturer in China to start developing a highly integrated machine that can produce planting continuous gutters inside the greenhouse site. 

We started developing the greenhouse roll forming machine system at the beginning of 2015 and the equipment design has been improved and upgraded several times.


The total number of our machines sold worldwide has accumlated 15 units, and they are present in Asia, Europe, and South America. By the end of 2022, the total cumulative production volume of our equipment in China has exceeded 15 million linear meters. 


Beside producing Gutter machines, we also produce and distribute grwoing system, irrigation system, gutter fixing system and greenhouse growing spare parts. For soft fruit, vegetable, cutting flower and herb, using our cost-effective system can greatly increase your planting yield. 


The sepecification of the gutter machine:

greenhouse gutter machine parameter

The advantage of our Greenhouse gutter machine : 


Compact Design 

Machine body length can be less than 4m and width less than 1.9m, it can goes into one 20GP container well.

Rapid Production 

The Maximum speed of gutter production can be 45m/min when equipped with strong servo motor. 

360° Gutter Output

Gutter machine body can be rotated of 360° which output gutters for any place inside of the greenhouse site. 

Crawler Base 

Crawler base overcome all kings of terrain at greenhouse project, Like concrete, muddy land and beach. 

 plantation gutters

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