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Cable Ladder Roll Forming Machine


Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine,Cable Ladder Roll Forming Machine


Product: Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine,Cable Tray Roll Former

A)    Equipment Technical Condition:

  • The Floor Space: 38mx3.5mx5m (LXWXH)
  • Equipment Feeding Direction: From left into the right
  • Voltage Parameters: 380V,50Hz,3Phase
  • Gas Source: Flow rate of 0.5m3/min; Pressure of 0.7Mpa
  • Hydraulic Oil: 46# hydraulic oil  

B)    Summary:

  • Material: Q235 cold rolled strip or Hot-dip Galvanizing stee strip
  • Material Thickness:2.0mm,
  • Material Width: 400mm
  • Rolling Product Length: 0 limited, 0-any mm
  • Rolled Product Straightness Error: 1-1.5mm/1500mm
  • Rolling Product Angle Error: ≤±1.5/1000mm
  • Motors Explosion-proof Rating: ExdllCT4
  • Motor Protection: IP55
  • Total Installed Capacity Power: about 31.4 KW
  • Forming Station: 16 Steps
  • Speed of Line: 0-10m/min.
  • Weight of machine: about 11.5 Ton
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