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Rack Upright Column Roll Forming Machine


Rack Upright Colum Roll Forming Machine

Upright rack roll forming machine also called Upright Column Roll Forming Machine, which is for producing upright rack colums for warehouse pallet racking system, the profile size and thickness is adjustable and customized. 

Rack upright | Upright Columns profiles with different sizes and design depend on th eload capacity and styles, like the L Shape structure is light capacity, the C or Omega shape structure is medium capacity, the Special or C or Omega type is for heavy-duty capacity. And the Punching holes like Tear drop design, butterfly desingn. etc and slots are punched on line or off line so that the load beams can be mounted into the upright racks. The thickness of upright racks is upto 3mm. 

The Upright Profile Drawing as follows , 

upright profile roll forming machineupright column roll forming machine

upright column roll forming machine

The layout of the Upright rack roll forming machine

 upright rack roll forming machine


The Main Technical Parameter of Upright Column Roll Forming Machine 


  • material thickness: 1.5-3mm
  • roller material : GCr15
  • shaft material: 40Cr
  • roller stations: 18 stations
  • forming speed: 15m/min
  • main motor power: 15Kw
  • Cutting power: 7.5Kw
  • PLC control box: Panasonic

 upright racking roll forming machine

upright section roll forming machine

upright column roll forming machine

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