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200-600 Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine


This Cable tray roll forming machine is to form 2mm thickness material for our domestic customer. The whole cable tray machine is made up with 5 Ton hydraulic uncoiler, leveller, dervo feeder, hydraulic notching, punching, main roll forming part, hydraulic cutting, PLC control board, hydraulic station and run-out tables. 

And the different cable tray profiel sizes are through auto size adjusting and manully changing cutting dies. 

The Cable tray profile sizes of this machine can do: 

  • 200 * 75MM  |  300 * 75MM  |  500 * 75MM  |  600 * 75MM 
  • 300 * 90MM  |  500 * 90MM  |  600 * 90MM 

The exact Cable Tray Profile drawing as follows, 

cable tray profile drawing
cable tray profile drawing

More Cable Tray Forming Machinery Pictures: 

cable tray machine
cable tray machine
cable tray making machine

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